ONLINE Workshop
Circular Business Models Design"
for Latin American entrepreneurs
using the Circular Design Thinking toolkit.
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Get inspired, get in motion and get in action to build capabilities for circular economy entrepreneurship in Latin America.

About the methodology

It is time to design our business models with circular patterns.

Business models shape our economy. For centuries we have operated under the logic of extracting resources by degrading communities and the planet. Everything has been designed by us, human beings and today we are the last generation with the opportunity to redesign our economy to capture value by regenerating life.

With this methodology participants will know the theory and framework of the Circular Economy, and prototype ideas through the principles and patterns of circular design.



Andrea Pérez

Design Strategist for sustainable and regenerative futures.

Co-creator and facilitator of Circular Design Thinking.

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Ester Zaha

Senior Economist at the Biovalor UNIDO Project. Facilitator of processes for the transition to the Circular Economy

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Federico Gómez

Environmental Strategist. Executive Director of Kolibri. Innodriven Partner. Facilitator of Circular Design Thinking.

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Giselle Della Mea

Design Thinker, Circular Economy Business Designer. Founder of 3vectores e Innodriven.

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Javiera Ortega

Social Innovation & Collaborative Economy Executive. Facilitator trained in Circular Design Thinking.

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Karymy Negrete

Sustainability Executive at CORFO. Facilitator trained in Circular Design Thinking.

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Marcos Maldonado

Innovation Engineer. Universidad de Santiago de Chile. Facilitator trained in Circular Design Thinking. 

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Lorena Muiño

Catalyst for New Economies. Partner of Innodriven and facilitator of transformative conversations. 

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Mariale Moreno

Senior Lecturer at the University of Exeter and Circular Economy Consultant at 3drivers

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Nicolás Sánchez

Co-founder of 3vectores & Innodriven. Senior 

IT analyst. Facilitator of Circular Design Thinking. 

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Verónica Molina

Multimedia designer and online technology facilitator at 3vector & Innodriven. 

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get in motion


How do we design circular business models?

In this workshop, facilitated by Innodriven in collaboration with the University of Exeter, we will use the ' Circular Design Thinking ' methodology to develop new skills and knowledge that will allow you to identify opportunities to incorporate circular patterns into your business model.

180 minutes

MX 12:00-15:00hrs

UY 14:00-17:00hrs

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This is a World Circular Economy Forum side event, organised by SITRA

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