Get inspired, get in motion and get in action to build capabilities for circular economy entrepreneurship in Latin America.
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get inspired


What is the current status of  Circular Economy in Latin America? ​


get in motion


How do we design circular business models?

In this panel, experts will explore what is happening in Latin America with the circular economy and where it is heading, as well as its relevance as a resilient development framework in a post-pandemic context.


90 minutes

UK 15:00-16:30hrs

MX 09:00-10:30hrs

AR/ CL/ UY 11:00-12:30hrs

In this workshop, facilitated by Innodriven in collaboration with the University of Exeter, we will use the ' Circular Design Thinking ' methodology to develop new skills and knowledge that will allow you to identify opportunities to incorporate circular patterns into your business model.

180 minutes

UK 18:00-21:00hs

MX 12:00-15:00hrs

AR/ CL/ UY 14:00-17:00hrs



What are the necessary steps to start working together?

get in action

Within the workshop we will generate a space for the co-creation of the 10 steps we need in order to accelerate circular entrepreneurship in Latin America. These multidisciplinary and international collaborations between attendees are only the beginning of a network that will work to strengthen the circular economy in the region.